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haii (: Im a fan of Jordan Jansen.. I post because i love him.. I write this in English so that he understands what I say (when he read this) Jordan Jansen is a singer .. he always make ​​videos on YouTube .. hes really handsome .. He’s Australian. He was born on March 12, 1998 .. He lived on Gold Coast, Australia .. Jordan Jansen have great voice. . he loves his fans .. he’s talented, can play guitar, piano, etc (: Every day I always go on twitter and send tweet to Jordan .. Jordan replied my comment on Youtube and followed me on Twitter .. OMG!! it was the most amazing day that made me very happy :’) im cried.. I really like him .. Jordan is going to Indonesia to his showchase this year.. Hes cute, funny, cool, PERFECT!! ❤ I wish i can meet him someday 😀 it will make me very happy and be the luckiest girl in the world <3.. Sometime i feel so bad when someone say something bad about him 😦 i hate the haters.. They’re just jealous with him.. I know it.. I will always be JORDANER foreva.. Jordan is my life.. I hate someone who hate Jordan.. Im not just a fan.. I’M A JORDANER.. a fan can leave, but JORDANER always be there for him <3<3


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